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Contributions to the industry
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Beiyu has always been innovative and progressive in R&D, making great contribution to the Gas-phase Molecular Absorption Spectrograph (GMAS) industry.

1. Beiyu initially introduced flow-injection technique into sample conveying system of GMAS, changing the way from manual-operation to automation, thus automatic analysis can be carried out on the basis of this new technology.

This technology was approved as patent by State Intellectual Property Office. (Patent name: A Type of Flow-injection-style Gas-phase Molecular Absorption Spectrograph, patent number: ZL200920070613.7)

2. Based on semi-conductor technology, Beiyu invented a water-removal apparatus used in GMAS.

Before this apparatus was invented, for more than a decade, anhydrous magnesium perchlorate had been used as desiccant in GMAS processing, this desiccant need to be replaced after handling about every 20 samples, and the replacement process itself is not only inconvenient and time-consuming, but also breaks the air tightness of the desiccant container.

The application of semi-conductor based water-removal apparatus has greatly improved the operation of the instrument in the aspects of convenience, simplicity, rapidity and automation.

This apparatus was approved as patent by State Intellectual Property Office. (Patent name: A Type of Water-removal Apparatus Used in Gas-phase Molecular Absorption Spectrograph, patent number: 201220124293.0)

3. Beiyu created an on-line rapid oxidation technology for ammoniacal nitrogen, which has greatly improved the efficiency of sample analyzing by shortening the oxidizing process from half an hour to a few minutes. This far-reaching technology has greatly promoted the application of GMAS in environmental protection industry.

Nowadays, most of the environmental monitoring institutes and labs use the GMAS to measure the ammoniacal nitrogen in samples. But in the past, the market situation of GMAS was quite difficult in the analytical industry because the measurement process was extremely time-consuming with old oxidation technologies, many institutes and labs were reluctant to purchase GMAS for their analysis. Our new oxidation technology increased the efficiency tenfold by cutting the processing time from about 30 minutes to 3 minutes or so, this improvement of efficiency finally saved, and further on, expanded the market of GMAS.

This oxidation technology was approved as patent by State Intellectual Property Office. (Patent name: A Kind of Method and Apparatus for Rapid Oxidation of Ammoniacal Nitrogen, patent number: 201210086892.2)

4. In collaboration with Shanghai Measurement Institute and Zhejiang Provincial Measurement Institute and some other institutes, Beiyu was authorized to set up the Norms for Calibration of Gas-phase Molecular Absorption Spectrograph in 2014 and 2015. From then on, calibration certificate can be provided instantly after the measuring results come out.

This immediate certificate has significant impact on the application of GMAS in professional labs. Prior to using an instrument, professional labs require testing report or calibration certificate from the third-party testing institutes. Before the establishment of the norms, due to the lack of national standards, the calibration certificate cannot be provided, and the testing reports are usually not authoritative enough to convince those institues and labs to adopt GMAS to conduct their analysis. With establishment of the norms, the GMAS is generally accepted and its market has been rapidly expanded in environmental monitoring and testing industry.

5. At present, the application of GMAS for environment analysis is popularized in approximate 20 provincial-level environmental monitoring centers or stations, which has been driving the extensive application of GMAS at city and county levels, and finally leading GMAS to the market of water resources industries nationwide.

Beiyu is playing a leading role in GMAS industry, not only benefiting from the industry but also leading it to aggressive development. According to the open data of bid and tender, Beiyu holds about 90% of the share in the GMAS market, and meanwhile, Beiyu is the only company without any product returned by clients in the GMAS industry.